A5 self-adhesive labels

A5 self-adhesive labels are versatile and are perfect, for example, for serial correspondence. With their use, you can conveniently address envelopes, mark documents and label products. Durable A5 labels measure 14.8 x 21cm and are half the A4 size. You can buy from us practical templates on self-adhesive sheets intended for printing. They are made using a modern method that allows you to get a clear image without the risk of smudging the ink. A5 self-adhesive labels from our Grafpress Printing House are distinguished by a very strong adhesive and special cuts that make it easier to peel them off the sheet. They can be successfully used as shipping and marking labels - they can be found on documents, binders and other products of various types.


You can often find offers from companies that print labels only in large volumes. We break this "trend"! There is no point in buying labels in large volumes. We prefer our clients to invest in the solutions they need here and now. Therefore, you can order from us any quantity of A5 self-adhesive labels, as well as other stickers and labels for packaging, bottles, bags - cut along the outline or rectangular. Our machine park is equipped with the state-of-the-art printing devices. By means of them we are able to print as many labels as we are interested in, no less and no more. We provide professional printing services, and we deliver self-adhesive labels on foil and paper. These in A5 format can be used in printers and copiers designed for printing logistic labels. Their printing is trouble-free and is characterized by high quality. You are sure to find in our offer the solutions that your company needs! Fill out the online valuation form and see what self-adhesive labels you can be offered. A5 sheet is just an example format. We also sell A6 self-adhesive labels, A4 labels and a whole range of stickers for marking products and documents. Trust experienced Grafpress specialists and order labels with excellent technical parameters.