In addition to their important informative function, labels also have another function: they focus consumers’ attention on a given product and encourage them to buy it. If the label is carefully designed and carefully crafted, it can serve as a functional sales tool. Find out about the great power of modern product labels. In this post, we will tell you more about stickers for bottles.

Labels for bottles play a big role in selling your products

The launch of a new product requires effective advertising, otherwise even the best of goods will not sell well. Among others, the producers of carbonated drinks, juices and alcohols, operating in an extremely competitive industry know about it. It is in their best interest to invest in the first-class bottle labels. Why? An original and creative sticker is a kind of a product showcase that has an impact on the customer who decides to buy it or not. A properly displayed bottle can arouse the consumer’s curiosity and make them look at it closely – even if they have not planned it before. Of course, an attractive appearance is not everything. The label must provide the necessary information, mainly on the composition of the product, its country of origin and the expiry date. If the drink is an organic product, it is a good idea to place such information on the sticker. Research shows that more and more consumers read labels and willingly choose what is healthy and environmentally friendly.

We design and print labels for bottles. Rely on experts!

At Grafpress, we have been producing various types of marking elements for many years. One of them are bottles for which we recommend self-adhesive labels, designed on an individual order. We specialize in printing durable labels, distinguished by modern design and clear message. We use high-quality adhesive and the best substrate. Contact us and present your expectations regarding the labels, and we will propose an interesting solution. We have reliable machines that allow us to provide services at a high level. Meet the needs of your customers and order labels that will translate into sales success!