Product labels are a specific type of stickers used for marking goods. Their shape, colour and form should attract attention and be consistent with the nature of the product. Contrary to appearances, it is the labels that largely determine whether the product will present itself well. As an ambitious manufacturer, you should make sure that your products will stand out on store shelves. You can do it by cooperating with our Printing House – at Grafpress we produce labels that no one else has!

Bet on labels in an original style and you will gain the attention of consumers

To sell a product, first you need to label it properly. Self-adhesive labels, intended for marking various types of packaging, are best suited to this task. A good practice is to order stickers dedicated to a given product, e.g. for bottles, bags, cosmetics or canisters. Individual goods differ on many levels, that is why it is important to take into account different shapes, sizes or storage conditions when choosing a label. At Grafpress, we recommend the selection of dedicated solutions, strictly tailored to the customer’s needs.

Each order requires an individual approach, otherwise random stickers will be delivered, which will either work or not. Avoid taking shortcuts when building a brand image and trying to attract new customers. Order labels for products from proven manufacturers that serve companies from various sectors. Our Printing House offers comprehensive printing services, as part of which we design and print labels of the highest quality. See what we can do by ordering a test print.

We are ready to create labels for various products. Check!

Frozen food, cosmetics, medicines, bottles: each product requires a personalized label. Choosing the substrate for printing and adhesive and deciding on the form of the stickers in which they will be delivered to the customer are the issues that require detailed planning. That is why at Grafpress we attach so much importance to the process of designing product labels. We act professionally, taking into account the customer’s needs. This allows us to supply labels to companies from many sectors: from food, through cosmetics, to pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural ones. If you are looking for a company that will professionally deal with the production of labels for products, please contact us!