Due to the growing popularity and easy availability of self-adhesive labels, more and more companies are choosing to use them. Producers of food, cosmetics and medicines, courier companies – among others, all of them use labels in their daily work. Without these practical labelling elements, production halls or warehouses would not be able to operate efficiently. As a result, label manufacturers do their best to provide the best products. What to consider when choosing them? We can advise you.

We order self-adhesive labels – their purpose is of key importance

Labels may have various functions. Therefore, the choice should be made according to specific needs. Some elements of the labelling will be useful for sticking to an envelope or a package, and some in the production of carbonated drinks or hair shampoos. There are dozens of types of labels available on the Polish market, and the most popular are paper and laminated labels, intended for various types of products. When placing an order for self-adhesive labels, you should bear in mind the purposes for which they will be used.

A good design is essential! Let’s not buy just any label

The design should be fine-tuned in every detail: if the label is to have a marketing function, its appearance is extremely important. What matters is the shape and size of the sticker, as well as the material from which it will be made. If the intention is to place a large order, it is worth contacting the selected printing house in advance and asking them for a test print. This solution will allow you to make sure of the print quality and prevent a possible unsuccessful investment. At Grafpress Printing House, we offer a professional design and test print, and we add freebies to larger orders. Do not risk – take advantage of the possibility of checking what labels are created in our studio.